Cassini is a nonprofit arts and music collective that want to provoke thought for the greater good. To widen people’s conscious experience of the world, or any other worlds for that matter.

Cassini always has and always will be about a collective of artists – a shared network supporting the development of its members. We all have other artistic interests outside of music and we want to include visual art in Cassini. Be it photography, paint, sculpture, animation, graph, CAD, installation, whatever. We like, but are no means limited to, the minimalist and abstract form, urban and landscape, and computer generated graphics and video.

We have an open policy on our music and it’s the same with art. Our only criteria real is quality and originality. We are looking for contributors, initially to feature on our website but we are aiming towards installations, exhibitions and live music/art events in the future. If you like our ethos, and think you have something that fits then we would love to hear from you via our contact form.

Thanks for visiting.